Alberta Fishing Regulations 2016 Unit NB1 - Zone 3 PP2 Parkland- Prairie

Larry Tom Jordie 010 Small

  • From Highway 22/39 (Drayton Valley) North Saskatchewan River Sturgeondownstream to the Alberta/ Saskatchewan border
  • Open all year – Mountain Whitefish 5 over 30 cm; Walleye limit 0; Sauger limit 0 from May 15 to. 31; Pike limit 1 over 63 cm; Burbot limit 10; Goldeye limit 10; Lake Sturgeon limit 0.
  • North Saskatchewan River Guide has a 0 limit in the North Saskatchewan River and practices catch and release.
  • Thank You for supporting catch and release in the North Saskatchewan River so generations to come may enjoy this great Trophy fishery. Shane Hansen 


Tips on Releasing Fish

  • If a fish is handled carefully and gently, it will have an excellent chance of survival. The most important factor related to fish mortality is damage caused by the hook penetrating the gill and stomach regions. Fish hooked in the lip or mouth have a better chance of survival.
  • Avoiding methods that result in deeply hooked fish is the best way to reduce hooking mortality. "Still fishing" with bait, where the line is not actively attended, usually results in more deeply hooked fish. Attending the line to set the hook immediately at the time of the strike may reduce the occurrence of deeply hooked fish.
  • Retrieve your catch quickly.
  • Release fish immediately (with care).
  • Avoid squeezing the fish.
  • Keep your fingers out of the gills.
  • Keep the fish in water as much as possible.
  • Remove the hook carefully.
  • Leave deeply swallowed hooks in the fish.

(Side-cutters can be used to cut the hook instead of the line).

Help revive the fish by holding it in the water.



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