North Saskatchewan River Lake Sturgeon Recovery

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon abundance estimatesNorth Saskatchewan River Lake Sturgeon abundance estimates for 2011 yet to be finalized are indicating that Lake Sturgeon numbers have recovered from 1400 between Drayton Valley and the Saskatchewan border to several thousand in the North Saskatchewan River system. This is due to the improved water quality in the North Saskatchewan River since the 1960 time frame and past catch and release regulations.

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon abundance estimates                                                        A creel survey done over a period of 5 trips in 2010 from Drayton Valley to the Saskatchewan Border produced 139 fishermen of which only 1  was targeting Lake Sturgeon and that was a volunteer with the Lake Sturgeon tagging program. Considering the hundreds of kms of the North Saskatchewan River that run through Alberta and the few metres of area fished it is almost impossible to see another fisherman.



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